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Black Resin - Near Edge 12-pack 110x600

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High quality resin formulation for use on near edge printers, which gives outstanding print performance on plain and coated materials, including synthetic material.
This high quality resin grade is for use in a wide range of industries. The resultant print shows excellent scratch and smudge resistance, it also has excellent resistance to
various chemicals such as IPA, industrial alcohols, hydraulic oil, anti-freeze, etc. it is also a recognised component of UL certifications. The back coat has a very low
friction co-efficient and contains a proprietary anti-static additive to prolong the life of the printhead. This ribbon has been tested by Microplex and recommended on
for use standard thermal approved matt, coated self adhesive labels, tag stock and synthetic material on the following printers: SOLID T4, T6, T8 and

12-pack 110x600

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