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Tally LA800+


Tally LA800+

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  • Tally LA800+

The LA800+ is undoubtedly at the pinnacle of serial impact printing, representing the peak of performance in its respective speed segments. It is not just ‚sprinter‘, reliable, heavy workload output is guaranteed for the many years following their purchase. The print is crisp, sharp, dark and absolutely legible, thanks to the 24 pin print head.

Fully automatic operation instills operator confidence and virtually eliminates errors caused by poor user intervention. Front feed provides all the benefits of easy forms installation, coupled with reliable paper transport.

The products are well matched to Microsoft Windows applications and entirely suited to other host operating environments, including legacy systems.

DEC compatible printers continue to be in demand. These printers are particularly suited to DEC Servers, DEC VAX and Alpha, in VMS and OpenVMS operating environments. They compliment the existing entry level LA-matrix printers, the LA48N and LA48W. The products fully support the DEC ANSI PPL2 (Printer Protocol Level 2) command language (icluding barcodes), plus IBM Proprinter and Epson SEC P/2 for full system compatibility.

Highlights at a glance:
• Print speeds up to 1000 cps
• Full range of automatic features minimising operator intervention
• Ideal for ‚On-Demand‘ and ‚Batch‘ applications with zero tear for no wasted forms
• Straight through paper path for easy forms loading
• Parallel, Serial and Ethernet interfaces standard
• Includes DEC PPL2 command set and MMJ Adapter

Tillverkare Tally Dascom
Utskriftsteknik Matris
Anslutningar Ethernet, Parallelport, RS 232
Printhuvud 24 pin
Tecken per sekund (max) 1000
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