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Tally LA48N/LA48W


Tally LA48N, LA48W
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  • Tally LA48N/LA48W

The narrow-carriage LA48N and wide-carriage LA48W are designed for a broad spectrum of applications and are specially optimized for the DEC® environment. There’s support for DEC®ANSI, IBM® ProPrinter® X24e, and Epson® ESC/P2 emulation.

The 24-pin print head produces clear, crisp output of texts and graphics.

The printer has nineteen resident fonts and eight resident bar code fonts ensuring fast, high quality text and dependable bar code printing. The printer offers simple switching of paper types and auto tear-off functionality. Parking continuous forms makes it easy to switch between continuous forms and single sheets. Continuous forms are automatically fed up to the tear-off position at the end of each job.

With a maximum noise level of only 49 dB(A) the LA48N and LA48W are very quiet printers compared with many competitive models.

Highlights at a glance:

• Print speeds up to 400cps (LA48N) or 448cps (LA48W)
• 24-pin print head for clear, crisp output of text and graphics
• Standard parallel and serial interface
• Print head protection
• Auto interface switching on multiple I/F version
• Quiet operation

Tillverkare Tally Dascom
Utskriftsteknik Matris
Anslutningar Parallelport, RS 232
Printhuvud 24 pin
Tecken per sekund (max) 400
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