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Tally T2248


Tally T2248

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High-speed printing

At 10 cpi, print speed ranges from 113 cps for letter quality to 432 cps for high speed draft quality. A 24 pin print head offers high speed with excellent quality.

Software compatibility

Compatible with the IBM Proprinter XL24E and Epson ESC/P2 command sets.

Multiple fonts

The printer has nineteen resident fonts:Ten bitmap fonts - Courier 10, Pica 10, Prestige Elite 12, Boldface PS, OCR-B, OCR-A, Correspondence, Compressed, Draft and High-speed Draft, and nine outline fonts - Timeless, Nimbus Sans and Courier, each in upright, italic and bold.

Large print buffer

128k bytes are available in total for strong input data and downloading fonts. A large input data buffer allows you to send files to the printer and return quickly to your application.

Simple switching of paper types & Auto tear-off

Parking continuous forms makes it easy to switch between continuous forms and single sheets. Continuous forms are automatically fed up to the tear-off position at the end of each job.

Maintenance free

Periodic cleaning and changing the ribbon cartridge are all that‘s required.

Tillverkare Tally Dascom
Utskriftsteknik Matris
Anslutningar Parallelport, USB
Printhuvud 24 pin
Tecken per sekund (max) 400
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