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Printronix SL5000r ES SmartLine Printer


Printronix SL5000r ES SmartLine Printer
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Based on the 5r Multi-Technology Platform and patented MP2™ RFID Smart encoding technology, the SL5000r ™ ENERGY STAR® MP2 delivers true Gen 2 encoding designed to EPCglobal Gen 2 specifications. The MP2 is the leading encoding technology on the market today with EPCglobal Gen 2 Certified Hardware. This certification mark gives users peace of mind that the printer/encoder complies with EPCglobal standards and has been rigorously tested, assuring predictable results for RFID pilots and implementation. Through leadership by design the SL5000r MP2 delivers support for EPCglobal Gen 2 standards plus industry leading performance and global frequency options.


With the SL5000r MP2, Printronix continues to deliver RFID leadership for UHF RFID printing solutions with today’s standards using tomorrow’s technology. The 5r Multi-Technology Platform offers the foundation for standardization and upgradeability as EPCglobal standards continue to evolve. Ethernet connectivity and printing solutions leverage PrintNet ® Enterprise and PXML to achieve RFID supply chain potential. For global compliance, SL5000r MP2 can switch frequencies via regional kits.


• Products that earn the ENERGY STAR prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy
• Patented multi-position RFID coupling device optimizes performance for a broad variety of tags
• Intelligent Media Detection prevents non-RFID print jobs from printing on RFID labels, avoiding unnecessary expense
• Embedded EPC privacy logo simplifies label design and system set-up
• Integrated EPCglobal certified multi-protocol UHF RFID encoder meets global frequency requirements
• XML forms printing with embedded industry standard forms and templates
• Printronix Extensible Markup Language (PXML) interface enables real-time printer and job control

Tillverkare Printronix
Utskriftsteknik RFID
Pappersmatning Löpande
Anslutningar Ethernet, Parallelport, Printnet 10/100 Base T, RS 232, USB
Emulationer DGL, IER520, IGL, MGL, PGL, STGL, TGL, ZGL
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