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Microplex SOLID 166E OPC


Microplex SOLID 166E OPC
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  • Microplex SOLID 166E OPC

The SOLID 166E impresses with the complete variety, print quality and the capacity of an industrial laser printer – all that at a really low price. High-speed, high resolution, the use of continuous media, flash fusing and low costs per page make this printer the best choice for operators who need a low-cost solution for high printing volumes.

Flexibel usage for many different applications:

  • demanding media like PE, PVC etc.
  • label batch printing
  • ticket printing, address labels (Cheshire)
  • business papers (listst, invoices, delivery notes, …)
  • easy adaptation to SAP, AS/400 (IPDS), Windows,…

The low operating costs as well as the low cost price make the SOLID 166E the most economic printer of this class of performance. The cold fusing via Xenon-flash lamps enables the manufacturing of thermic sensitive media (up to 204 g/m²). Even on thick material the fusing takes place without any problems.

A power stacker comes together with the printer for free. This makes the SOLID 166E a high performance print system from the beginning.

The SOLID 1665E is compatible to a huge number of printer languages (emulations). The SOLID 166E is a perfect replacement for the obsolated Printronix L5XXX printers like L5020, L5031, L5535 etc. and also for the L7032 printer.

he SOLID 166E is a high speed continuous-form printer. The print system works on an electrophotographical base employing an LED array as exposure unit.

The print speed is up to 166 A4 pages per minute in the Two-Up mode.
The printing resolution is 600 dots per inch corresponding to about 24 dots per mm.

The material to be printed on has to be provided with sprocket holes for the tractor to guide it. The maximum material width is 18 inches, the printable width is 17 inches. The SOLID 166E has two paper outputs, one of them is equipped with a stacker (capacity 2000 pages).
The non-contact Xenon flash fusing system in combination with the straight paper flow enables you to use the most different paper types and label materials with a weight from 64 – 209 g/m2 (wood-free paper) respectively 64 – 105 g/m2 (wood-free labels).

With the SOLID 166E, all kinds of information – e.g. bar codes, alphanumerical characters and vector graphics – can be printed. The MICROPLEX printer controller’s high functionality with the SOLID 166E
makes form printing simple. In addition this printer is equipped with a touch panel frontend for comfortable handling.

The printer is capable of using most of the page description languages used in the industrial field and also the business standards known in connection with laser printers can be used.

The capabilities featured include the MICROPLEX page description language IDOL. Using this language, complex tasks such as the creation of forms can be carried out by simple software commands (see separate IDOL manual).

Data can be sent from almost any software platform, because printer drivers are already available for this

Sidor per minut 166
Färg -
Tillverkare Microplex
Pappersstorlek A4
Anslutningar Ethernet, Parallelport
Emulationer Epson FX80, IBM Proprinter, IDOL, PCL5, TIFF, μ-Postscript
Pappersmatning Traktormatning
Utskriftsteknik Laser