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Microplex F26 – MVC


Microplex F26 – MVC
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  • Microplex F26 – MVC

MICROPLEX F26 – MVC (MICROPLEX Virtual Controller)

Continous form laser printing system of the lower price range with outstanding functionality.

Perfect replacement for all old continuous form laser printer based on Pentax engines offered by PRINTRONIX, PSI and MICROPLEX .

HIGHLIGHTS –  Overview

  • Most cost-effective black/white printer of its class, less than 1,73 € ct/ page(1)
  • Future-oriented investment “colour print“ WITHOUT additional costs
  • Print speed up to 34 pages/min in colour and 36 pages/min in b&w, A4 cut sheet. 
    26 pages/min in colour or b&w, 12″ continuous form
  • Monthly print volume up to 10.000 pages A4 (60 Month)
  • Highest print quality by 600 dpi x 1200 dpi resolution
  • 100% straight path for labels and card stock up to 250 g/m²
  • Integrated job cutter with automatic visualized job separation
  • No paper draw-back, means reduced danger of paper jam and unwanted label detaching.
  • No time consuming restart procedure after stop between print jobs
  • Most simple replacement of end-of-life parts like consumables and fixing station
  • Web and cut sheet printing in b&w and colour
  • Universal connectivity by WINDOWS driver and MICROPLEX Virtual Controller for host data
  • Automatic “Power Save“ mode
  • Complete system configuration as standard

(1) If taking benefit the “Colour drum replacement procedure”

Best Economical Choice

The F26-MVC provides lowest printing cost of its class in „black-only“ print mode, less than 1,73 € ct /page A4 based on coverage as proved by ISO/IEC 19752 („LSA-letter“).  To guarantee this MICROPLEX offers a special replacement procedure of unused colour drums (see also point ”future option COLOUR”).

Future Option COLOUR

To ensure economical black& white printing in cut sheet mode the colour drums are lifted up mechanically and are exempt of the electrophotographic process. When using the device in continuous form printing this belongs also to the colour toner cartridges, no consumption of colour toner. Unlike this the colour drums (OPC) are needed in the process for the necessary stabilisation of the web paper. Therefore they cannot be lifted up and have to turn.

This means that the engine controller which counts the drum rotations electronically – not physically – sees the colour drums rotating and decreases their lifetime accordingly although they have not been used for colour printing.  Because the economical b&w printing would be jeopardized by this process MICROPLEX offers a simple replacement procedure to change unused or partially used colour drums at lowest possible costs.

Of course a user can also print colour at any time if there will be a demand for in the future. And this WITHOUT ADDITIONAL INVESTMENT for a “coloured future”.

High Print Speed and Quality

Continuous, b&w or colour: Up to 26 pages/min, 12″ length, 80 g/m²
Cut sheet, or colour: Up to 36 pages/min, A4-portrait, b&w or Up to 34 pages/min, A4-portrait, colour

Because of the necessary high resolution for colour printing the b&w printing mode offers also an outstanding print quality by 600dpi x 1200dpi resolution. The combination with the high optical density of more than 1.2 OD makes the F26-MVC especially suitable for printing even smallest 1- and 2-dimensional barcodes and non-latin characters (Arabic, Kanji, etc.)

Comfortable Handling by a Well-Established  Technology

The F26 – MVC is based on a standard laser printer which was equipped with a specially modified firmware. This firmware was strongly influenced by our long term experience with previous continuous form print engines (PENTAX) to achieve higher reliability (jam!) and easier handling for the user (toner, paper, etc.)

Usually in continuous form laser engines with standard heat/pressure fixing  – “cold flash“ fusing by Xenon lamps is too expensive in the lower price segment – the fuser rolls are separated with a gap between and the fusing temperature (ca 180°C or even more) is reduced automatically if the paper has to stay inside the printer after a print job was finished but cannot be separated by an integrated job cutter or by users hand. Nevertheless a “heat stripe” on the paper can be seen often and the restart time of the printer for the next job needs up to 45 seconds, mainly for heating-up the fixing station until its ready again.

When a print job is separated manually by the operator or a roll cutter, usually the printer draws the paper back until it is in front of the OPC drum again. This leads after restart very often to a paper jam, especially when printing on labels (unwanted detachment).

All these critical points have been eliminated in the F26-MVC.  It is equipped with a cutter – even for very thick paper – which cuts automatically after each print job (no further print data!). Then the paper will be immediately moved out of the printer.

For visual separation of multiple print jobs in the stacker, a blank page at the beginning (“header”) and three blank pages at the end (“trailer”) are generated automatically.

Separation of jobs by hand and draw-back of the paper out of the fixing station is no longer necessary. Time-out for restart is therefore only 10 seconds, then the next job can be printed.

Replacement of consumables is very simple like in all today’s modern printers produced in high quantities.

Universal System Connectivity

The F26 – MVC comes with Ethernet-, USB- and a parallel interface. For integration into WINDOWS environment a driver can be used which works under Windows 2000/XP/Vista in WINDOWS 7, 32 and 64 bit.

For the handling of host data MICROPLEX  controller in “virtual form” (MVC) is supplied as software. It contains the emulations of the well-known MICROPLEX hardware controller like PCL5, IDOL, IGP/Code V as the standards used in the continuous form market. Of course all other emulations known from the MICROPLEX Controller (IPDS, Prescribe, ZPL II, etc.) are also available as options.

Outstanding Functionality

The F26-MVC is an extremely versatile machine and can print on a much wider range of materials due to the “straight paper” path that adds no curvature to the stock.

The following materials can be used:

  1. Continuous paper with sprocket holes
    from 6,6 inches to 8,6 inches total width,
    from 3 inches to 51 inches in length (with stacker up to 14 inches only),
    weight from 64 g/m² to 250 g/m².
  2. Continuous labels with sprocket holes, also pre-printed (restriction: only suitable laser approved ink) with or without the matrix. Size and weight specifications as under 1.
    Attention: The print speed has to be reduced accordingly (3 settings) because more energy is required in the fuser to guarantee the toner fixing on heavier materials.
  3. Continuous synthetic material with sprocket holes,
    size and weight specifications as 1.
    Attention: All material must be tested by MICROPLEX before use because not all synthetic materials are suitable for heat/pressure fixing.
  4. Cut sheet paper,
    size A4 / A5 / B5 / Letter / Legal (13, 13,5, 14/ Executive,
    weight from 60 g/m² to 216 g/m²,
    face-down stacker on top, face-up stacker at rear side


Highest Reliability and Throughput of its Class

The F26-MVC comes with the reliability of a product produced in accordance to approved quality control procedures in mass production.

The modular build of the machine in “tandem” structure (in line) of the OPC modules and fixing station allows for the ultra-straight paper path that makes the

F26-MVC surprisingly competent against paper jams and internal label detachment.

With a recommended monthly print volume of up to 10.000 A4 pages it reaches a minimum total lifetime of 600.000 pages in 5 years


Automatic “Power Save”

 The F26 – MVC saves energy by automatically going into a “power save” mode after a pre-set time interval after the last print job. The pre-set can be set in steps of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120 and 180 minutes by the operator.


Complete System Configuration

The F26 – MVC is supplied as a complete system for continuous form and cut sheet applications.


  • 4 colour print engines (black, yellow, cyan, magenta) include the four toner cartridges and the four OPC drums with the heat/pressure fixing
  • Tractor feeder for continuous material, adjustable in width (mechanical) and pre-set form length (electrical input) with LCD display
  • Job cutter, a rotary knife situated at the material entry and suitable even for thick media
  • Standard cut sheet tray with a capacity for 500 sheets (80 g/m²)
  • Planned Option:
    Power stacker for up to 2000 pages (80 g/m2) continuous form paper material complete with cabinet stand, currently in development.


  • MICROPLEX Windows driver suitable for all editions
  • MVC (MICROPLEX Virtual Controller) for processing numerous (non-Windows) host data streams
Sidor per minut 20
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Tillverkare Microplex
Pappersstorlek A4
Anslutningar Ethernet, Parallelport, USB
Emulationer Windows driver
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