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Compuprint 2056

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The Compuprint 2056N is ideal solution for printing in hospitals, hotels, retail stores, airport check in, banking, pharmaceutical or healtcare, education and public administrationas and POS environments. It is a very economical printer and suitable for printing applications using multiparts forms, single sheets, labels and envelopes.

  • 24 pins print-head technology
  • 80 columns
  • 400 cps at 10cpi
  • Complete and flexible paper handling (fanfold and cut sheet)
  • Ribbon life: 10 MC
  • 1+5 copies capability
  • Wide range of fonts and barcodes
  • Simple to use
  • Interface configurations:
  • Parallel, Ser, USB, LAN

Mer information:

Anslutningar Ethernet, Parallell, RS232, USB
Tecken per sekund (max) 400
Printhuvud 24 pin
Tillverkare Compuprint
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